Thesis Editing & Statistics

Got a thesis or essay deadline coming up?

You’re working on probably the most important writing assignment of your life, and your tutor or supervisor is dealing with hundreds of people who are just as stressed as you are. What to do?

Don’t worry about it. We have edited or proofread dozens of theses on topics ranging from finance to sustainable construction to agricultural history.

Whether you need facts and figures checked, or just want the punctuation to be more consistent, we can polish your writing to bring it up to publishing quality before your submission date.

What you can expect

Publishing-standard grammar and punctuation
Publishing-standard grammar and punctuation
Fast turnarounds
Regular updates on progress

Prices depend on how much editing is needed, deadlines and other factors. Send us a sample and we will get you a quote, today.

Statistics Service

Need you statistics processed into graphs and other graphics for your thesis or report? Send us your survey results or raw data and our graphics team can turn them into graphical reports that can be included in your thesis. Contact us for more information.

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Let us know your target word count or design requests, deadline and other important information and and we will get you a quote immediately.

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Once we get started we will keep you up to date on progress and will be on-hand to answer any queries you have. If changes need to be made mid-job we can get those applied quickly and without disrupting the work flow.

Revise and publish

When we are done we will immediately send the finished files to you to review. And amendments that you want made will be done as quickly as possible and a new version of the work will be send to you right away.

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